The Egg Nutrition Council (ENC) is an independent group of health and nutrition experts who provide unbiased and accurate information to the Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) on the nutritional and health qualities of eggs.

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As part of its role, the ENC reviews scientific research papers, studies and reports on eggs and nutrition from Australia and around the world.

It then provides scientifically substantiated guidance and advice to the AECL and as well as developing position papers on the different aspects of egg nutrition for Australian Healthcare professionals. 

There has been much confusion in recent years about egg consumption, its impact on people’s health and the ‘right’ number of eggs to eat. There have also been many myths about the impact of eggs on health and in particular cardiovascular disease and cholesterol. And the role of the ENC is to assist in overcoming the myths and confusion about egg consumption.

The ENC continues to provide Australians with the most up-to-date dietary information on eggs and the positive impact good nutrition can have on people’s lives.